Zita Chika Obi (PhD)


The study examined the challenges encountered by school principals in the management and maintenance of school facilities and measures to be adopted to enhance maintenance in Public Secondary Schools in Anambra State. Survey research design was adopted in the conduct of the study. Two research questions guided the study. A sample of 180 respondents was chosen through stratified random sampling technique from a population of 261 Principals. A researcher developed questionnaire was used to collect data. Mean scores were used for data analysis. The findings of the study include;  inadequate time for supervision, poor power supply, negative attitudes of the staff, large student population, poor record keeping, inadequate training of the staff, poor funding among others were the challenges encountered by school principals in the management and maintenance of school facilities. Measures to be adopted to enhance maintenance of the school facilities identified include; erosion control, regular supervision, keeping inventories of material resources and proper waste management. Based on the findings, recommendations made include; increased funding, regular supervision, motivation of teachers and training of personals on maintenance techniques.


Management, Maintenance, School facilities and Challenges

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