Ifeoma Abana (PhD), Esther Anyanwu (PhD)


This study investigates the interconnection between linguistic stylistics and literary studies. In this work, the linguistic stylistic analysis of Dennis Brutus’ four poems shall be used for the practical explications of the discussions on stylistics given in this treatise. For the analysis, Margaret Berry’s linguistic framework theory (1977, P.65) shall be adopted. This choice is based on the high premium this theory places on sociological aspects of language. This enables it to account for “features of particular variations, features of particular idiolects, features of particular texts and so on. Through this theory, it will be easy for language scholars to account for the prominent linguistic features that permeate these four poems vis-à-vis their stylistic roles in the text. The analysis shall be restricted to the roles of pronominal references and conjunctions in the poems. Besides, they elucidate adequately and clarify the concepts highlighted in the paper.


linguistics, stylistics, criticism, analytical, interpretation, literature

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