Joy A. Okeke-Ezeanyanwau (PhD), Victoria N. Iwuchukwu


This study examined on the effect of quality management on the performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Anambra State.  The study had three objectives, three research questions and three null hypotheses.  Literature related to the study were reviewed.  The study adopted survey research design.  The population of the study was 425 employees of five SMEs which were chosen from the three senatorial zones of Anambra State. The entire population was used, hence there was no sampling.  Questionnaire was the instrument of data collection. Cronbach Alpha reliability method was used to test the reliability of the instrument.  Simple percentage was used to analyze the research questions while One Way Analysis of Variance was used to test the null hypotheses.  The findings of the study revealed among others that quality management is now a watchword for every entrepreneur because this will broaden the scope of entrepreneurial activities which will enhance productivity, maintain competitive advantage not only in local market but globally.  Three recommendations were made among which was that government should encourage financial institutions to give loans to SMEs at reduced interest rate and also eliminate the rigorous time taking procedure to help them have easy access to finance and plan to achieve quality management goals.


Quality Management, Performance and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

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