Anthonia Ngozi Umezulike (PhD), Flourish Chidozie Amaechi


The study was aimed to find out the extent business subjects teachers in Imo State secondary schools utilize word processing skills in teaching business subjects.  Descriptive survey research design was adopted and the population of 272 business subject teachers was studied without sampling.  Trial-testing was used to establish the reliability of the instrument using Cronbach Alpha method which yielded coefficients of .75.  Two hundred and sixty five (265) duly completed copies of the instrument were retrieved and used for the study.  Mean and standard deviation were used to analyze the research questions while the t-test was used to test the null hypothesis at .05 level of significance.  Findings revealed that the business subjects teachers utilize word processing skills in teaching business subjects to a low extent.   School location significantly affected the utilization of word processing skills.  Based on the findings of the study, the researchers concluded that business subjects teachers do not adequately utilize word processing skills in teaching business subjects in secondary schools in Imo State.  It was therefore recommended among others, that Ministry of Education in Imo State should organize continuous training and re-training ICT programmes for business subjects teachers to enable them up-date their knowledge so to embrace word processing skills for effective utilization in teaching business subjects in Imo State secondary schools.


Business Subjects, Utilization, Word Processing Skills, Teaching and Information and Communication Technology

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