Adelabu Omowale (PhD), Julius Okia


The research on internet journalism and practice in Nigeria has been dominated by a discourse of technological innovation, especially the use of internet to produce, disseminate, share and receive information on different online mediums such as the social media, with the aid of smart phones and Tablets owned by the audience and being connected to the internet This paper critically examines to what degree online or internet journalism is being of more advantage over traditional journalism. However the innovation that is brought about by improve of technology does not mean that traditional pattern of journalism will be put aside or put to oblivion, instead internet journalism will only be an extension of the old medium. It is pertinent that online journalism ought to provide more information and in some cases provide video clips and series of pictures to back up their stories which makes it more interesting to the audience (public). The paper recommends that media houses should provide training environment (workshop), which will enhance their staff performance on online journalism, while the government also should provide enabling environment in the rural areas so information can get to them on time and easily.


Internet, media, journalism, communication

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