Bernice Oluwalanu Sanusi, Sunday Zechariah Olanihun, Ismail A. Omipidan, Henry Amos Daniel


The goal of this research is to look at how the media handled education, politics, and security issues in the months of April, June, and July 2022. The researcher develops research questions by focusing on the four aspects of the research subject. The study was hinged on social responsibility theory and Agenda-Setting theory, while content analysis was the research design used for the study. From the findings of the study, it was discovered that the newspapers examined gave a considerable level of prominence to the stories reported. Frequency of reportage in relation to the developmental communication issues with political issues taking prominence in the two national daily evaluated. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that media should always give same coverage to various developmental communication and also give more importance to opinions of the members of the public on issues that concern them by writing such issues as features and editorials so that newspaper can do in-depth analysis on stories and enlighten the citizens.


Newspaper, Coverage, Developmental, Communication, Issues.

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