Isaac Fadeyi Olajide, Uche Samuel Ejere


This research focuses on the assessment of social media on the globalization of culture. Twitter as a social media platform was assessed on how Twitter has aided in the globalization of culture. In addition, the paper also study the effect of globalization on African and Nigerian culture. This paper also looks out the infusion of Nigerian music and artist and how globalization has pushed the Nigerian music out of the borders of Africa. This research study adopted the "Uses and Gratification” and “Technological determinism theories, as a theoretical framework for this study. The method used for this study was the survey research method, which the interview method was adopted.  This study concluded that Twitter as social media platform has affected positive and close the distance gap that has led to the homogeneity of culture globally. It is also recommended that global leaders, global state and non-state actors should adopt Twitter as model in communicating and relating with people that will enhance peaceful co-existence between nations of the world.


social media, Mass media, Culture, Twitter, Globalization

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