Julie Amaefule (PhD), Amaka Ekwesianya (PhD)


The study investigated Principals’ record management as correlate of staff personnel management in Imo State public secondary schools. The study has four research questions and four hypotheses. This study adopted correlation design which involved the simple linear method. The population of the study is made up of five thousand four hundred and one (5,401) teachers in the two hundred and ninety-six (296) public senior secondary schools in Imo State. Sample of 372 teachers from 161 secondary schools was used for this study. Proportionate random sampling techniques were used to draw the sample. The instruments for the collection of data are two rating scales titled: Record Management Rating Scale (RMRS) and Staff Personnel Management Rating Scale (SPMRS). The reliability of the instruments was established with reliability indices of 0.73 for RMRS and 0.76 for SPMRS respectively using Cronbach alpha statistics. The research questions were answered with Pearson (r) statistics while the hypotheses were tested with t-test of significance of simple linear correlation at 0.05 level of significance. Among the findings of the study are that; there is a moderate positive and significant relationship between record management and staff orientation; and there is a low positive and significant relationship between record management and there is a low positive and significant relationship between record management and staff discipline. Based on the findings of this study, the researcher recommended among others that school management should maintain good staff orientation for teachers as it relates with their record management. They can do this by assisting new teachers in securing accommodation and organizing orientation to new staff posted to the school


Records Management, Strategies, Correlate and Staff Personnel

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