Temidire Oluwagbemiga Dare, Adebanke Oyeladun Olujinmi, Emmanuel Chukwunonye Ifeduba


This bibliography covers scholarly journal articles, books, projects, and reports in Nigerian. Each piece of work has an annotation that highlights its conclusions, methodologies, research topics, and suggestions. The 81 materials are arranged alphabetically by the writer's last name. A few of the materials are essays authored by qualified media professionals rather than formal academic research projects. Systematic analysis was used in collecting the data. Findings revealed that researchers over the years have focused mainly on topics relating to Book Publication and New Media, problems and challenges etc and neglected areas like book publication and feminism, book publishing and religion It is therefore recommended that researchers should diversify and research on book publishing and other areas like language and tribe, government and politics among others.


Book publishing, Digital, Research and New Media

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