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Unemployment has become an issue of major concern in different countries of the world.  Thus, this problem can be combated through skill acquisition especially in business education.  Skill acquisition is the systematic and sequential development of skills that promotes efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of a specific job.  The paper discussed the concept of unemployment, business education and skill acquisition.  It also highlighted the types of employment, roles of business education in creating job opportunities, importance of skill acquisition and factors responsible for the rising unemployment in Nigeria.  It was concluded that in order to combat unemployment in the country, there is need for students of business education to be acquainted with the skills in business education programme.   Also, that the unemployed youths should undergo training in other vocational areas for them to acquire the skills that will enable them to be self employed and that the government should devise means of tackling all the factors responsible for the rising unemployment in the country.  Recommendations among others were that business education students should be willing to cultivate keen interest in acquiring the skills and competencies in the business education programme; Students should be committed and dedicated to the practical contents of business education programme; and that the government should try and improve in the power sector knowing fully that power sector is one of the most sensitive and essential sectors of the nation’s economy.


Unemployment, Business Education and Skill Acquisition

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