Friday Ogbaga, Ike Bernard Okorie, Edet Eyo


This paper explored the role of business education in sustainable development. It is observed that one of the three pillars of development is economic growth and that education, more than any other thing, contributes immensely towards the economic growth of any society. The paper disclosed that the ability of education to promote economic growth depends on its relevance to the needs, values and aspirations of the society it is meant to serve. This implies that education should impact appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies needed by the society in order for the products of education to contribute meaningfully to economic development. The paper concluded that business education is a formidable tool for sustainable development in Nigeria because it provides its recipients with the appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies that are needed for sustainable development. Finally the challenges of business education were identified and a number of recommendations made to tackle them.


Business Education, Economic growth, Sustainable development.

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