Faith Tomisin Olabunmi, Uche Samuel Ejere, Emmanuel Ifeduba (PhD)


Newspapers are the fundamental part of the fourth estate through which information has been and is conveyed. It has been a means to reach audience and disseminate relevant information and news that is either local, national or international. Pertaining to its history in Nigeria, beginning from the time of IweIroyin to contemporary newspapers like punch or the nation, newspapers have continued to have a massive impact on the society. This paper focuses on the 100 annotated bibliography on newspapers written in Nigeria within a specific period of time by researchers. The results of the findings demonstrates that newspaper covers many important areas of which include; politics, security, education, language, crime, management, economy, etc. The paper concludes that newspaper has done basically well in informing, educating the Nigerian audience and most importantly, has been able to uncover some corruptions and scandals through its investigative-journalistic approach. Therefore, the paper recommends that newspaper industry should be looked upon and innovated due to the threats of redundancy being received from the internet. The paper also recommends that government should also empower the industry by promoting policies that will be favor the industry that will bring about the wellbeing of the industry.


Newspapers, Nigeria journalism, Politics and Education

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