Prof. Joy A. Okeke-Ezenyanwu, Ifeoma-Meziem Victoria Enwere


This paper has among other things examined mentoring as a new paradigm for improving and sustaining the teaching and learning of Business Education.  The paper examined the concept and types of mentoring.  The types of mentoring x-rayed in this work include the face-to-face, one to one, group, peer, telephone and e-mentoring.  The benefits of mentoring to the mentor, mentee and the organization, as well as the role of mentoring in improving and sustaining the teaching and learning of business education were also examined. The paper also examined the challenges encountered in the course of mentoring.  Based on the findings, conclusion was made.  Finally, the paper recommended among other things that the goals and objectives behind any mentoring programme should be explicitly stated in order to ensure proper accomplishment and that older members of Business Education should be awake to their responsibility in ensuring that younger employees/educators are well trained and exposed to the nitty-gritty in the profession.


Mentoring, Relationship, Business Education, Lecturing, Teaching and Learning.

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