Chinwe Sussan Oguejiofor (PhD), Rosemary Okoronkwo


The world of work and the skills required to be successful in the work/office environment continues changing at an unprecedented rate and at a very fast pace too. There is an observed gap between what is learned at school and what is required to function at the workplace and in the modern society of today. There is also a widespread consensus or acceptance that our education systems are failing to adequately prepare students with the essential 21st century knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life and in the workplace. What are we expected to do as educators to bridge this gap is a vital question that demands an answer. Therefore, the paper considered a broader range of skills required to learn, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems in a global digital 21st century work environment. Recommendations were made which included the use of adequate modern technologies in teaching and learning in schools, encouragement of collaborative learning environment in schools, teaching of digital literacy skills which include information literacy, media literacy and information and communication technology literacy and updating of curriculum as the need arises to get students ready for the jobs of the future among others.


21st Century Skills, Students, Technology, Change, Future, Workplace

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