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In recent times, graduates of business education have been plagued by their inability to perform effectively.  Many authors and researchers have related this issue to the quality of training received while in school, due to this issue, the relevant skill and knowledge to meet the workforce demand becomes a problem. It is in this case the researcher, delved through literature to determine strategies required for equipping business education students for global outlook.  The strategies proffered includes: collaborative learning approach, classroom management control, engaging students in work-based learning, adoption of online teaching and learning process, adoption of effective teaching method in business education curriculum,  equipping the library, workshop and classroom with  appropriate facilities, adoption of computer aided-assisted instruction, integration of adequate time in its curriculum to teach business education courses  and employment of core business teachers to impart the positive values.  The researcher believes that, if these strategies are judiciously adopted, it will to a great extent improve the quality of business education graduates, improve their chances of being employed and create job opportunities for the citizens.


Strategies, business education and global outlook.

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