Prof. Anthonia Ngozi Umezulike, Dorathy Ogochukwu Anike


The place of supervision in achieving educational objectives cannot be over emphasized. The desire to achieve a high quality improvement in education calls for emergency of quality assurance in the administration of institutions. Governments all over the world in an attempt to educate and develop their citizens spend huge sum of money on teachers and schools but in the developing countries the case is different because teachers and schools are neglected for selfish interest of dubious politicians. This paper examines the supervision of instruction for improving quality assurance in business education programes in tertiary institutions. Concept of Business education, supervision of instruction, and quality assurance were discussed. The paper also discussed the steps to quality assurance, specific responsibilities of instructional supervisors for quality assurance, principles of educational supervisions, challenges militating against effective instructional supervision, and the way forward. It was suggested that there is need to harmonize internal and external criteria for quality assurance in achieving excellence in the school system. Again, there is need for curriculum restructuring to reflect the needs of the society. Finally, full professionalization of teaching in the country should be accorded priority


Quality Assurance, Business Education, Supervision of Instruction, Tertiary Institution.

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