Prof. Anthonia N. Umezulike, Olisa Chinenye Obianuju


This paper examined the need for business educators’ to integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge in teaching business education. It has become essential in modern education that business educators’ must have a sound knowledge of ICT and its applications in order to deliver quality teaching to students. This paper also explores the needs and various ways through which business educators can integrate and apply ICT knowledge in teaching business education.     The paper also ex-rayed the current state of business educators’ integration of ICT knowledge in teaching business education. Benefits of ICT integration and application in business education where also disclosed. The paper also highlighted the challenges associated with the integration and application of ICT in teaching business education and as well proffer solutions. It was concluded among others things that the integration and application of ICT knowledge in teaching business education are crucial in providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge required for success in the modern business world. Based on the conclusion it was recommended among other that business educators should continually update their ICT knowledge and skills by applying new technologies in delivering quality teaching to their students.


Business Educators, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Integration and Business Education.

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