Adelabu T. Omowale (PhD), Janey F. Wilson


Broadcasting has always thrived on technology and innovation to deliver its content and be at the top of the profession. Drone technology was built mainly for warfare, and it was a weapon on the battlefield for over a decade, including the ongoing warbetween Russia and Ukraine. In today's world, drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is gradually becoming a trend in the newsroom. The novel use of drones for broadcasting and news gathering, most especially in the United Kingdom, with BBC News being among the first TV stations to use the drone as a 'flying camera' in 2013. What sets drones apart as a unique newsgathering tool is the ability to go where journalists cannot and capture stories from the air, using the bird's eye angle to get relevant information. Based on observations and extant literature, the use ofdrones for newsgathering in most developed countries and equally banned by a few, e.g., Nepal in 2015, Kenya in 2015, Thailand in 2015, and Sweden in 2016. The study concludes that drone is a welcome development in the Nigerian broadcast industry, Drone as a creative and innovative technology that can be used for newsgathering for local TV stations. The study recommends that journalists should learn the technical know-how on the usage of drones, follow strictly the NCAA's rules and regulations and other UAV professional bodies in Africa to help eradicate drone technology's scanty use for information gathering in local TV stations.


Drone, Newsgathering, Professionalism, Television broadcasting.

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